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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FVM UB) was founded upon the Declaration of the Ministry of Education Act No 30281/36 in 1936 as a part of University of Belgrade. FVM UB consists of 26 departments, 4 clinics and radiology department. Staff consists of 127 teachers (44 full professors, 27 associate professors, 28 assistant professors and 25 teaching assistants) and 102 non-teaching staff.

FVM UB is an educational, veterinary and research institution. The Faculty offers four accredited study programs: Integrated Academic Studies of Veterinary Medicine (156 students/year), Specialist Academic Studies (40 students/year), Doctoral Academic Studies (20 students/year) and Specialist academic study programme Animal Reproductive Biotechnology (20 students/year). There are 1,339 students enrolled in undergraduate and 190 in graduate studies (104 doctoral and 86 specialist students). Students perform field practice on farms and veterinary clinics near Belgrade. Faculty`s Mobile Clinic engages professors and provides veterinary assistance in the field.

FVM UB performs a wide variety of continuous education courses. FVM UB researchers participate in scientific projects, publishing articles in peer reviewed journals and symposia. FVM UB collaborates with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management and Veterinary Chamber of Serbia and Serbian Veterinary Society.

FVM UB participated in the TEMPUS project JEP 18031/2003 (Serbia: Reform at the FVMUB According to EU Directive No 78/1027/EEC), TEMPUS project CDJP 2013‐544270 (Serbia: Striving Towards Excellence in Veterinary Education/EDUVET) and  Erasmus+ KA2 project: „Curricula Development in the Fields of Reproductive Biology/Assisted Reproductive Technology and Regenerative Medicine in Serbia”, ART-REM.

In last few years, scientific research work at FVM UB was realized through 30 national scientific projects funded by Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, which includes a total of 111 teachers and associates of FVM UB. Eight projects are managed by professors of FVM UB. In 2019, 9 international projects were realized with participation of 22 researchers of FVM UB. Also, 37 commercial projects were realized at FVM UB (18 innovation vouchers in cooperation with The Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia).