14I2I02 - Аquaristics

Course specification
Course titleАquaristics
AcronymVeterinary Medicine
Type of studyIntegrated academic studies
Lecturer (for classes)
  1. prof. dr Maja Marković
  2. doc. dr Ksenija Aksentijević
Lecturer/Associate (for practice)
    Lecturer/Associate (for OTC)
      The goalTo prepare students of veterinary medicine for health protection of aquarium fishes, through familiarizing them with aquariums, aquarium equipment and breeding of aquarium fishes.
      The outcomeA student should be able to independently make an aquarium, to know basic families and the most common species of aquarium fishes, to understand errors in breeding and nutrition of aquarium fishes which cause diseases, to be able to apply profilax, to know etiology and pathogenesis of the disease and to be able to prescripe therapy adequately.
      Contents of lecturesDivision and types of aquariums (1); Physical and chemical characteristics of water (1); Aquarium equipment (1); Species of aquarium fishes bred in our country (2); Purchasing of aquarium fishes (1); Breeding of aquarium fishes (1); Nutrition of aquarium fishes (1);Overview and significance of the most common aquarium plants and algae (1); Aquarium snales (1); Sea aquaristic (1); Diseases of aquarium fishes (2); measures for disease prevention (1); Medical tretment of aquarium fishes (1)
      Contents of exercises
      1. Gudvin D. : The Practical Aquarium Fish Handbook, Alnari – Otvorena knjiga, Belgrade 2008
      2. Žiljak B.: Aqarium- home decoration, publishing house Draganić, Belgrade, 2012
      Number of hours per week during the semester/trimester/year
      LecturesExercisesOTCStudy and ResearchOther classes
      Methods of teachingTheoretical classes and interactive learning, with audio-visual methods (Power Point presentations, films)
      Knowledge score (maximum points 100)
      Pre obligationsPointsFinal examPoints
      Activites during lectures50Test paper
      Practical lessonsOral examination30