14I1O07 - Plant biology

Course specification
Course titlePlant biology
AcronymVeterinary Medicine
Type of studyIntegrated academic studies
Lecturer (for classes)
  1. prof. dr Svetlana Grdović
Lecturer/Associate (for practice)
  1. doc. dr Stamen Radulović
Lecturer/Associate (for OTC)
    The goalThe acquisition of basic knowledge about plants that are: basic food for animals (introduction to forage plants), the source of medicinal substances (introduction to medicinal plants), spices (introduction to herbs) and a source of highly toxic substances whose consumption can lead to poisoning of animals ( Dating with poisonous plants).
    The outcomeAfter completed exam student should be able to: know all plants that are used in animal feeding, their nutritive values and way of production, to be familiar with most significant plants and their active principles, to be familiar with most toxic plant species and symptoms in animals cause with them after consuming, to be familiar with spice plants which are most often used in meat industry.
    Contents of lecturesImportance of plant аnd hemical composition of plants (3). Plant morphology and ecology (4). Forages (general characteristics of feed). Meadows and pastures (extensive and rotational grazing system). Poaceae and Fabaceae – characteristics аnd significance in nutrition. Radical, root crops plants (6). Medical and toxic plants, which are wide - spread on pastures and meadows (2).
    Contents of exercisesIn the practical part are taught basic morphological structure of plants based on herbar plants: I, II, III class meadow-pasture grasses and grains (6). Clower, alfalfa and other branches of the family of legumes (2), Medical plants (1), Toxic plants (4). Herbs (1).
    1. Blaženčić Ž, Grdović Svetlana: Krmno bilje, udžbenik za studente FVM, Veterinarska komora, Beograd, 2003. (Original title)
    2. Grdović Svetlana: Praktikum iz botanike za studente FVM, VKS, Beograd, 2012. (Original title)
    Number of hours per week during the semester/trimester/year
    LecturesExercisesOTCStudy and ResearchOther classes
    Methods of teachingFor lecture video beam is being used with presentations of al lectures. Graph scope with 100 foils with plant photos, herbarium with over 100 species.
    Knowledge score (maximum points 100)
    Pre obligationsPointsFinal examPoints
    Activites during lectures3Test paper14
    Practical lessons7Oral examination56