14I4I04 - Radioecology

Course specification
Course titleRadioecology
AcronymVeterinary Medicine
Type of studyIntegrated academic studies
Lecturer (for classes)
  1. prof. dr Branislava Mitrović
Lecturer/Associate (for practice)
    Lecturer/Associate (for OTC)
      The goalObjective of the course: identification of natural and anthropogenic radionuclides in environment, radionuclides transfer through the food chain, legislation.
      The outcomeStudents should know how to: involved in the organization of monitoring on the territory of the Republic of Serbia; sources of radioactive pollution, with special emphasis on feed, animals and animal products; migration of natural of radionuclides in the environment and know legislation.
      Contents of lecturesRadioactivity and ionizing radiation. Primordial and anthropogenic radioactivity. Radioactive contamination of the environment. Detectors and dosimeters. Organization of veterinarians in accidental situation. Display and interpretation of the results of the monitoring on the territory of Serbia. Legislation in the field of ionizing radiation.
      Contents of exercisesRadiation detection and dosimetry (6). Safety of food and animal feed. (2). Gamma spectrometry (1). Organization of sampling at border crossings (6).
      1. Vitorović Gordana, Mitrović Branislava, Sinovec Z, Andrić V: Praktikum iz radiobiologije i radijacione higijene, FVM, Beograd, 2007. (Original title)
      2. Petrović B, Ćurić Gordana, Draganović B: Radijaciona higijena animalne proizvodnje, Veterinarski fakultet, Beograd, 1979. (Original title)
      Number of hours per week during the semester/trimester/year
      LecturesExercisesOTCStudy and ResearchOther classes
      Methods of teachingInteractive learning with the use of audio visual methods (PowerPoint presentation). Practical exercises are performed on instruments - individually demonstration of gamma spectrometry. Visits to other laboratories.
      Knowledge score (maximum points 100)
      Pre obligationsPointsFinal examPoints
      Activites during lectures10Test paper
      Practical lessons20Oral examination40